#1 Way NOT TO Start a Cover Letter

This is going to be short and not so sweet.

Please don’t start your cover letters like this:

Dear Hiring Manager:

My name is Jo Wanna Get a Job (imagine your real name inserted here).

Really? As the reader, I can pretty much figure that part out myself. Could you start by telling me something I don’t know? Tell me an important fact or accomplishment that you can boast about that will DRAW me in and make me want to know more. When you go shopping for a book at the bookstore, you probably open up to the first page of a few before deciding which one to buy. Can you imagine if each author started his book by saying “Hi, I’m Jo Author and I wrote this book.”

Every single sentence on that cover letter needs to do one thing and one thing only –SELL you as the candidate. Don’t waste precious space to tell me your name. Please…

Carpe diem….

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