Jane Ashen Turkewitz

President and Chief Talent Officer

Jane Ashen Turkewitz has been a career services professional entrenched in the digital and tech space since 1999. In January of 2013, after nearly 15 years in the field, she launched .comRecruiting, LLC, and rebranded to Hi-Touch Executive Search in 2018. At Hi-Touch Executive Search, Jane specializes in placing VP through C-level talent with digital media and emerging technology companies.

Sales & Marketing

PR & General Management

Operations & Business Development

Content, Video & Creative

E-Commerce & Product


Hi-Touch Executive Search partners with candidates with a sense of empathy and understanding and a deep interest in helping to further careers in the digital and emerging tech space.


We will advise you on your resume and social media profiles, helping you to position your personal brand most effectively so that you stand out in this competitive job market. Because we take the time to ask our partners smart questions about their businesses, we’ll arm you with the best possible information so you can successfully navigate through the interview process.


We will ALWAYS get back to you and provide you with client feedback — good or bad. We know how frustrating it can be when recruiters neglect to give you information.


We will ALWAYS get back to you and provide you with client feedback — good or bad. We know how frustrating it can be when recruiters neglect to give you information.


We will never lose sight of the fact that you are a person, and not a product, and we will always look out for your best interests — informing you of jobs that meet your career aspirations.



Hi-Touch Executive Search operates as a true partner – ”listening to” cultural and tactical needs & delivering on those specifications. Our niche is helping digital media & high-growth emerging tech companies expand their businesses by securing VP through C-level talent in Sales, Marketing, PR, General Management, Operations, Bus Dev, Content, Video, Creative, E-Com & Product.
Hi-Touch Executive Search operates as a partner, not a vendor. Every engagement involves a healthy conversation about your tactical and cultural needs. And, throughout the process, we update you on the status as well as market intelligence regarding your brand. We only send you select, qualified candidates that fit your needs after a thorough vetting. At the end, we guide both you & the candidate through salary negotiations and the closing process, ensuring both sides are satisfied with the final outcome.

If you are serious about filling a job, don't discount the other candidates you like just because you have a #1 choice. What if that #1 doesn't work out? Doesn't it make sense to have strong back-ups in the queue, vs. going back to the drawing board?#InterviewTips

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You have taken the time to differentiate yourself from your competition, right? Do you pitch yourself as being able to listen but don't listen to what your own people say? YOU ARE FAILING. There needs to be a match in messaging if you want to hire and retain great talent.#culture

The values you have as a company should have a direct impact on how you hire. I would go as far to say that "WITHOUT knowing your collective values, you have NO culture." And, how can you hire and RETAIN your talent if you don't have a definable culture and value system? #culture

Our Vets have fought and died for Freedom, Democracy, Equality. Our right to be black, white, gay, transgender, jewish, muslim, hispanic. Thank you to our Vets.The biggest thank you we can give? Let's help our Vets find jobs & contribute to our society off the battlefield.

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