RED, WHITE, BLUE AND BRUISED — By Jane Ashen Turkewitz

Nine years ago the unthinkable happened.  Our nation’s collective heart was broken.  A few months after the towers collapsed, I found a picture of John Cruz in the NYT, along with a brief profile.  He was among the innocents who died. He was my first puppy love. My first date.  He should be here, with his own kids, watching them do their “firsts.” I wrote this in his memory…

Brothers and sisters cloaked in Red death.

Towering  sentinels  smoldering  in White ash.

A Blue spirit  frozen  in  time.

A Trojan Horse upon our soil.

Insidious  and indiscriminate,

Impregnating  our soul.

Stars and stripes comfort, but don’t assure

Salty  tears of despair, fear and ire.

A nation in mourning

Seeking justice and then peace.

A fierce determination

Born from destruction  and death.

United we stand

Bruised and berated.

United we stand

Red, White and Blue.

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