Media Mavens on the Move — Editorial

Gillian Tett was promoted to U.S. Managing Editor at Financial Times Print and Digital.

Margaret stead moved from Editorial Director at The Harvill Press to Editorial Director at Atlantic Books.

John Vorwald moved from Online Managinb Editor at New York Observer to Interactive Managing Editor at

Nick Parish moved from Events Content Manager at Ad Age to North American Editor at Contagious Magazine.

Aaron Kenedi moved from Editor-in-Chief at Shift to Editor-in-Chief at Print.

Krissy Tiglias moved from Lifestyle Editor at The Knot to Home and Lifestyle Editor at Redbook.

Jason Clampet was promoted to Senior Online Editor at

Peter Lauria moved from Media Reporter at New York Post to Media Reporter at The Daily Beast.

Lorin Stein moved from Editor at Farrar, Straus and giroux to Editor at The Paris Review.

Robert Thomson moved from Editor at The Wall Street Journal to Editor at SmartMoney.

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