LinkedIn Adds Bells and Whistles to Its Functionality

According to Jatin Shah at LinkedIn, the site is embarking on a slew of browsing updates that will make things easier when it comes to searching and reaching out to people you know.  In the coming weeks, you will be able to:

  • search by company, location, industry, first name, last name or current company with a newly designed browser panel.
  • check out new connections and other people’s connections with the “recent activity” panel that will be in the new browser box.
  • look up phone numbers, email addresses and snail mail addresses of your connections through a mini-profile that will pop-up when you click on someone.
  • find people by using self-defined tags like “recruiters”  and then send them a bulk email.

Shah says the changes will increase your productivity.  That remains to be seen. My hope is that the new features will be intuitive in design and functionality so that we don’t have to waste any time trying to navigate our way through.  For more information, check out Shah’s blog.

Carpe diem…

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