A Career Service That Gives New Meaning to Caveat Emptor

I hesitate to write about this company because I don’t really want to give them any publicity.  And I’m certainly not going to link to them.  Feel free to check them out for the “shock and awe” factor, but I’m not in any way, shape or form trying to promote the services of CareerExcuse.com.

The premise?  So you had one bad experience with a company and got fired.  Does that mean you should be scarred for life?  Or, you’ve been out of work for a year.  This makes you an “undesirable” in the workforce.  What does CareerExcuse do for you?

They make up shit.

Including live references and places of employment.  How low can you go?

When you go to the site, you are offered three options…

Plan A  – The Premium Plan

This is apparently great if you’ve got a specific company you want to say you worked for.  You give these guys the name of the company and former supervisors and they create fake references for you.  They have a live receptionist on board to answer any calls and refer inquiries to a fictional human resources department.

Plan B – The VP Plan

CareerExcuse provides you with an already falsely-established company and fake supervisors for references.  Again, a live receptionist answers the call if a future employee decides to check it out.

Do I really need to go into Play C?

My absolute favorite part of the site?  At the bottom of the home page, they have a list of services — fake resume, free guide; fake landlord references,  fake letters of recommendations and, my all time favorite, fake funeral excuses.  Nice.

Who is the butt-head who started this company?  He says he’s a former HR executive who really understands how employment gaps can kill a resume.

When a potential employer calls asking for references, CareerExcuse.com knows the corporate human resource procedures, we know the questions they will ask and what their hot hiring buttons are.  When your potential employer contacts us, they will not be able to notice any difference between CareerExcuse.com’s employment verification and job reference procedures, with that of a Fortune 500 company!

The Co-President, who calls himself “Will,” doesn’t seem to find the need to put his last name down.  Hmmm.  Maybe he’s not really who he is?  I guarantee that the picture of the really cute guy they show on the page isn’t “Will” — a guy who seems to be lacking the morality gene.

The main premise of this business is that lying is OK. Your resume is not a legal document so you will not be breaking the law by using their services.  I don’t know about you but I feel like a gotta go take a shower. Shudder…

Carpe diem…

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  • Michael
    February 23, 2010

    That is beyond ridiculous. I wonder if they’ve ever actually had a client.

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