Turkewitz Blogger — The OTHER One — Punks The New York Times

Eric Turkewitz, blogger extraordinaire, also happens to be my man.  He’s got a highly-popular blog in the legal and political landscape and rarely do our paths cross in the traffic-jammed blogosphere.  But today they did.

Yesterday, in honor of April Fool’s Day, the “other Turkewitz blogger” posted an elaborate hoax stating that he was appointed the official White House blogger.  He was so convincing that I almost believed it myself and I live with the guy!  The crazy thing about it was the New York Times — the Gray Lady herself — picked it up and ran with it.  Didn’t even bother to do any fact checking.  When they got wind that it was a potential prank, thanks to the WSJ, they called him up and pretty much tried to rip him a new ass.  Eric, being the sly dog that he is, kept up with the ruse saying he’d clarify the following day (today).  So, here’s the low down on how he punked the Times.  You can find the original April Fool’s joke as well.  Enjoy!  The Turkewitz blog-hold has got a good laugh at all this, that’s for sure…

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